Digital Lab on Prama Course


Digital lab course for technicians on Prama Implants

Quick&Easy Dental School presents Digital Lab on Prama

From clinical experience we have created a specific course for dental technicians on the use of the PRAMA implant for implant-prosthetic rehabilitation.
The course is divided into two days in which we will learn to use the Prama implant from the rehabilitation of the single tooth to the bridge to the FULL ARCH Quick&easy.
We will find out what are Pink and White and All on White rehabilitations.

The course, based on the analogical and digital flow, will take place in the laboratory lead by Dt. Riccardo Finotello.
After a forewords presentation by Dr. Costantino Vignato, we will start working on a simulated case or one of your real cases.
All Quick&easy rehabilitation procedures are extremely simple and involve only the use of the LMDT abutment and/or the titanium milled bar.
It will therefore be pleasant to discover how rehabilitation on Prama implants is Quick and Easy!!

Two-days programm


1st Day

9.00 am registration of participants

9.15am – 4.00pm

  • clinical introduction to the use of the Prama implant by Dr. Costantino Vignato
  • Prama implant positioning and its relationship with the soft tissues
  • analysis of the prosthetic components of various implant systems
  • why we don’t use MUA or PAD pillars
  • the LMDT pillar and the dynamic screw
  • the digital building of a crown and bridge on the LMDT abutment
  • how to model the aesthetic part
  • the occlusal plane


2nd Day

9.00 am registration of participants

9.15am – 4.00pm

  • Full Arch digital
  • analysis of the millings made on the firts day
  • how to manage tilted or off-axis systems
  • the Quick and easy Pink and White prosthesis and the All on white prosthesis
  • bar design with straight and dynamic screw
  • passivation arch and occlusal mastic
  • the temporary on Lmdt pillar
  • nesting
  • design the aesthetic and occlusal part
  • questions answers

End of session

All participants are advised to present cases in progress and bring their own computer for the prosthesis design.

Course information

When: 19th-20th July, 2024
Where: Vicenza, Dentalfin Dental Lab

Full Price: € 1.700 + VAT
Early Booking: € 1.390 + VAT

For further information, write an email to:
Mob: +39 368 3284194