Teeth bleaching: the new promo!
The postural patch that uses light as therapy
Bioactivators: for an orthodontic preventive rehabilitation treatment
First orthodontic visit: when and what
Christmas opening hours
Sleep disorders in early childhood: what to do
Invisible orthodontics to rediscover the smile as grown-ups
Merry Christmas and a happy 2021!
Fluoride for teeth: how and how much?
Nitrous oxide to treat kids and adults fearless
Dental hygiene in children: short guide
Pacifier use guide in children
Small black stains on your kid’s teeth?
MIH or hypomineralization of incisors and molars
CORONAVIRUS – open for emergencies
Dental guide for mums during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Get ready for a very white Easter. The tooth bleaching promotion is back!
Corona Virus: we are open, you are safe
We support Vicenza Volley
Palatal expander – when to use it?
Lingual and labial frenula and diastema. What are they?
Sinusitis and toothache
SMILE SUPER WHITE! The tooth bleaching promotion is back
Gnathology to eliminate pain: find out what it can treat
Surgical intervention indications (pre and post)
Orthodontic appliance: tips to relieve the discomfort
Sleep bruxism: how to diagnose it and treat it
Orthodontic restraint is very important. Why?
Tooth devitalisation: what it means
Teeth and pregnancy: what to do?
Trigeminal neuralgia or tooth problem?
Satispay – The new way to pay has arrived!
Direction of travel REVERSED
Food disorders: effects on our teeth
Missing tooth: why to replace it
Diagnocam for cavities early diagnosis
Should wisdom teeth always be removed?
Snoring and sleep disorders – a solution
Mom I’m scared of the dentist! 1 visit recommendations
Baby teeth: how to take care?
Thumb sucking: help your children break the habit
Orthodontic appliances? Mini guide to understand this “world”
From baby teeth to permanent ones. Children’s mouth development
Dental accidents. What should we do in case of a dental trauma?
Our little patients smile with DOC LEO!
Dentisti Vignato clinic is on Outlook