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What is Orthodontics?

Modern Orthodontics is a branch of orthodontics specialized in diagnosis, prevention, treatment of malocclusions which appear as anomalies of development and position related to maxillaries and teeth.

The main goals the orthodontist wants to reach at the end of each treatment are not only a matter of correct teeth alignment, but also a harmonious face aesthetics, an efficient chewing function and improved health conditions of teeth and their support tissues.

FIRST CHECK-UP and treatment plan

Doctor Caliari, in charge of the Centro Ortodontico Vicentino, during the first check-up will evaluate the nature of the problem and prescribe possible detailed exams such as:

  •  panoramic radiograph
  • latero-lateral teleradiography
  • intraoral and extraoral pictures
  • dental arch impressions for the creation of chalk models of the mouth

This will allow to carry out a correct diagnosis and establish the best orthodontic treatment in order to optimize the duration and stability in time. During this first phase, we will explain to the patient the path we will be doing together, and we will give him/her a small folder which illustrates all the phases which follow the first check-up. See the Folder Orthodontics to smile

If necessary, the orthodontic therapy can be divided into 2 phases:

  • The first phase regarding interceptive Orthodontics can start early, when baby teeth are still present.  The end of this therapeutic cycle corresponds to the “interception” of those dental and skeletal disorders which, if not corrected during growth, can severely complicate future treatments.
    This phase of early treatment does not delete the possible necessity of an orthodontic therapy during permanent dentition, but it does make it simpler.
  • The second phase starts towards the end of the eruption of permanent dentition. It enables to coordinate dental relationships in an excellent way.

Why should we start an orthodontic treatment?

An aligned dentition is not only synonym of self-confidence and aesthetics, as it contributes to maintaining teeth and the periodontium healthy (specialized tissues that support the teeth) and, most important thing, it improves chewing by preventing jaw pain, cavities, migraines, neck pain, postural disfunctions, digestive problems. Thanks to Orthodontics we can also solve respiratory problems, snoring ones or those of sleep apnea. It also helps with neuromuscular problems, such as teeth grinding.

Overlapping teeth, even if partially, can facilitate the presence of plaque and tartar together with gum recession and bone loss around teeth, as well as the outbreak of periodontal diseases. Other times, a wrong contact between dental elements caused by malocclusion can lead to an increase in use and mobility. Scientific evidence has proven that bacteria present in tartar, through hematic circulation, can circulate and cause hardening of the arteries and increase the chances of  experimenting a stroke or a heart attack.

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