Course Full arch on Prama implants

Quick&Easy Dental School presents The Quick&Easy Full Arch Course 

QUICK&EASY is the simplest and fastest procedure to realize a FULL ARCH rehabilitation on implant with high standard quality.
QUICK because Prama allows an ANATOMIC SURGERY which adapts to the shape of crestal bone. Furthermore, thanks to the RAMPA EFFECT, soft tissue heals very fast sealing the implant around the neck.

EASY because Prama doesn’t use MUA (multi-unit abutments) but instead only straight abutment without shoulder and a titanium milled bar to support the final restoration.
QUICK&EASY procedure could be performed by using an analogical approach or using digital workflow. To learn the QUICK&EASY procedure achieving terrific results, you only need our two days course in which we will share clinical cases starting from the data collecting to the final restoration.






Course information

When: 19th-20th July, 2024
Where: Vicenza, Dentisti Vignato Dental clinic

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