Hello everyone, I wish this chat could be a precious tool for all of you so here are some rules for the PRAMA ON TOUR CHAT 
Thank you, Costantino. 

  1. the admin is Dr. Costantino Vignato together with the supervision of Odt. Riccardo Finotello
  2. Only tips and information about Prama implant are admitted
  3. everyone is allowed to ask concise questions and about only one topic at the time
  4. no judgments and critiques about other professional’s work are allowed, only constructive comments and observations
  5. no surgeries, technical details and initiatives are allowed if not coherent with Prama implant
  6. the participants in the group must have taked personally a Prama course. No friends or acquaintances that didn’t took the Sweden&Martina course are allowed
  7. no personal messages, wishes or other matters of this kind are accepted
  8. it is forbidden to use or manipulate the content of the chat for personal use, unless undergoing approval of the admin
  9. who doesn’t follow these regulations will be admonished, at the third warning will be eliminated from the chat