A beautiful smile is enhanced primarily by the color of the teeth

Dental bleaching

Among the treatments of aesthetic dentistry, dental whitening is one of the most requested. In our office, you can choose whether to have a professional in-office whitening treatment, in a single session, or comfortably at home, obtaining excellent results in both cases without side effects.


In-office dental whitening:

The professional whitening treatment performed in the office breaks down the chromogenic molecules inside the enamel (intrinsic stains) with the aid of an LED lamp. This lamp photosensitizes the whitening product applied to the surface of the teeth and reduce the exposure times.
The complete treatment in the office last approximately 60 minutes. The result is immediately visible already at the end of the treatment and allows you to leave the office with white and visibly smiling teeth.
However, the degree of whitening that is achieved is not the same for all patients because each tooth and each stain is different.

The whitening package in the studio includes:

– initial photos and measurement of the starting color
– whitening session with certified professional product and LED lamp
– delivery of the personalized kit consisting of an elegant bag, desensitizing/remineralizing gel, whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and brush
– final photos and evaluation of the achieved color
– sheet with dietary advice to observe after the treatment for maintaining the smile.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Get back your natural white smile easily and effectively right from the comfort of your home.

Teeth whitening at-home is a safe and certified dental treatment that you can do on your own. However, it is always recommended to perform this treatment under the guidance of an experienced dental professional who will monitor your progress and guide you through the procedure to achieve the best possible results.

This type of whitening is known for being the most effective and long-lasting, thanks to its prolonged, slower, and repeated exposure as compared to a single in-office application.


What can you expect from teeth whitening at home?

  • Restored whiter effect to your enamel
  • Noticeable reduction in discoloration and dental stains
  • Brighter smile
  • Easy maintenance of your smile’s whiteness over time by repeating the treatment with a few applications after a few months, thanks to the reusable, customized masks

What’s included in the at-home whitening package?
  • Impressions for making the customized masks and initial photos and color detection
  • Appointment for delivery of the customized kit that includes an elegant case, two masks and whitening gel, desensitizing/remineralizing mousse, whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush.
  • Instructions for self-application of the product at home, with the first in-office whitening session included in the price!
  • Sheet with dietary advice to follow during treatment
  • Control visit, final photos, and re-evaluation of the color. The professional will advise you regarding performing additional at-home applications or waiting a few months before applying the product to maintain the result obtained.



The treatment is customized to your smile and the possible expected results. This determines its duration and the choice of whitening agent concentrations in the gel (hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide), as well as whether to use masks during the day or at night, based on your needs.

The process is absolutely safe and DOES NOT alter the tooth structure, WEAKEN, or DAMAGE the enamel in any way. Extensive literature confirms the safety of the treatment.

The hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide in the whitening gel have the ability to penetrate and spread freely through the enamel and dentin. During this chemical process, they break down into oxygen free radicals that, by migrating through the enamel prisms, can decompose the colored (oxidized) molecules that cause dental discoloration.

The causes are multifactorial because tooth color can be subjectively influenced by food and drinks consumed such as coffee, tea, red fruits, smoking habits, pharmacological treatments, as well as specific pathologies that affect the enamel, dental trauma, condition of wear, patient age, and level of oral hygiene at home. If the external stains on the tooth, caused by external agents, can be removed with professional dental hygiene, the so-called intrinsic stains, or those related to the structure of the tooth and internal, or to remove enamel yellowing, it is necessary to proceed with dental whitening techniques.

The bleaching technique has been widespread for many years and can be performed at home or in the studio.
Studio Dentisti Vignato uses both techniques, always monitoring and evaluating the patient’s results over time.
The gel used does not erode the enamel and is not toxic, but after dental bleaching, an increase in sensitivity may be perceived, which tends to disappear with the end of the treatment. The desensitizing and remineralizing mousse included in the kit can help reduce discomfort.

It is important that the treatment is targeted based on the pigments to be removed and the patient’s dental condition: therefore, the supervision of the dentist is recommended to ensure effective treatment.
Before proceeding with professional bleaching in the studio, it is necessary to protect the gums with a special gel to avoid painful injuries.
We recommend in both cases to continue bleaching with the use of a whitening toothpaste to prolong the effect and maintenance over time.

Before whitening, it is important to have a suitability visit with the dentist and have had professional dental hygiene performed to evaluate the actual condition of the mouth. Before proceeding, it is important to treat any cavities or other pathologies if necessary. Whitening only acts on natural enamel, so it has no effect on exposed roots or even aesthetic dental crowns or veneers.

For the first 48 hours, it is not recommended to consume aggressive foods and drinks that can alter the color of the enamel such as tea, red wine, licorice, citrus or vinegar. It is preferable not to smoke and to combine accurate oral hygiene at home with regular professional cleaning sessions in the studio. We remind you that using a whitening toothpaste enhances the effect of therapy over time.

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