Invisible orthodontics

Feeling uncomfortable when wearing an appliance?

It can sometimes happen that an adult patient is not encouraged to start an orthodontic treatment because the idea of wearing braces does not make him/her feel at ease. Of course, it can inhibit social relationships, in addition to having to face pain concerning tongue, mucous membranes and language alterations.

We can modify your smile with the invisible orthodontic technique!

We can solve the problem with invisible orthodontics which involves less invasive and transparent devices, or those positioned lingually which interfere moderately with our normal social life.

How does the treatment work?

Treatment with transparent aligners is an election treatment for adult patients and is formed by a series of almost invisible and removable aligners which are substituted every two weeks by a new set. Each aligner is specifically and only realized for one´s teeth. When aligners are substituted, teeth move slowly, week after week, until they align in their final position, defined from our dentist.
Moreover, a 3D virtual treatment program shows how our teeth will move during treatment. This allows us to know in advance what the aspect of our teeth will be once the treatment is finished. The results of the ClinCheck system allow us to realize transparent and customised aligners for each patient. They will gradually reposition the patient´s teeth and obtain a smile to be proud of.

The advantages of these transparent masks are:
  • they can be removed when we eat, brush our teeth and use the floss
  • aligners (masks) are substituted every two weeks
  • teeth shift little by little
  • the dentist or orthodontist does regular check-ups on their progress
  • most people do not even realize there is an ongoing treatment
  • the system does not disturb our life style
  • there is no wire not metal strip irritating our mouth and, moreover, nobody will notice the treatment.

How is the treatment defined?

A qualified orthodontist or dentist creates a treatment plan. First pictures are taken, then dental impressions, a panorex and a tele-X-ray.

Dental impressions are then sent to the USA, where a software (special computer program) simulates the teeth movements during treatment.
Once we have these models, personalized transparent aligners are made and sent to the dental office. Each mask must be worn for two weeks and the orthodontist will monitor progresses until the result is reached. Besides straightening teeth in an almost invisible way, it can have positive effects on our mouth´s health, preventing painful gum inflammations and cavities. This is one of the many orthodontic treatment options available.
Your dentist will be able to give you suggestions on the most suitable treatment for you.

Are invisible aligners suitable for all clinical cases?

The orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners is not able to solve all cases 100%. In order to know if this invisible appliance can solve your particular problem, it is advisable to get a simple complete check-up with X-rays, so that the orthodontist is able to evaluate your specific needs and determine the best treatment plan. Invisible orthodontics usually works well in cases of non-severe dental crowding, rotations and aesthetic problems.


Clear aligners: frequently asked questions

Often when we propose invisible orthodontics with transparent aligners, we immediately perceive the patients’ enthusiasm for the convenience of using the masks and for the fact that they guarantee an excellent aesthetic result.
However, sometimes doubts and questions come shortly after.

Here we have gathered together in a single list all the answers to your most frequently asked questions. And if you don’t find the answer you are looking for, write to us, we will be happy to answer you.

  • Do aligners can ailment?
    The first few days you can feel a little beat sore and uncomfortable because, as occur in all orthodontic treatments, the aligners applie forces to move the teeth. After a while you will get used to it and you won’t feel the initial discomfort.

  • How many hours do I have to wear aligners?
    They must be worn 22 hours a day to be effective. You will remove them just for eating.

  • Are brackets needed to be applied to the teeth, in addition to aligners?

    Exactly. The aligners require anchor points on which to “grip” to exert the forces that are necessary to move the teeth. These are aesthetic attachments made of dental composite, a material realized in the same color of tooth enamel.

  • Is it difficult to remove clear aligners?
    In a short time you get used to it and it becomes automatic. We provide you a special tool to facilitate their removal.

  • Why do I wear elastic bands?
    Elastics are used to correct incorrect closure of the mouth which is thus guided into the right position. Initially, the constriction of movement may cause some discomfort which disappears as soon as the correct position is assumed. You will have a special “hook” at your disposal to position them more easily.
  • Should I avoid certain foods or drinks?
    There is no need to avoid any food or drink because the aligners are removed to eat. When you wear them, we recommend not to drink beverages different from water to avoid yellowing or coloring the masks.
  • Will I struggle to speak?
    It is easy that during the first few hours you can slightly alterate the pronunciation of some words, especially those containing the “S”, because the aligner closes the space for air between the two central incisors. In a few hours the brain will be able to adapt the perception of space and pronounce a correct S.
  • Can I chew chewing gum?
    No, because it would stick to the aligner

  • May I smoke?
    It is better to avoid smoking not to make the masks take on a yellowish color
  • If the mask has a rough side, what can I do?
    If you can’t go to the orthodontist, you can slightly file the “scratchy” part of the aligner and make it smooth.
  • Once the treatment with the aligners is finished, do I need to continue the therapy?
    Most treatments continue with a retainer placed inside the arch. This is necessary to consolidate the results obtained with the aligners and prevent the teeth from returning to their initial position.


… and if there are any doubts during the orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to ask our doctors! They are always willing to help you manage the device in the best possible way so to obtain the planned results.

Some clinical cases we treated with transparent aligners:

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