Immediate loading implantology

The Immediate loading implantology by Dentisti Vignato is internationally recognised!

When possible, the immediate loading implantology, thanks to the innovative Quick & Easy technique, allows the patient to quickly find a new smile on implants with the aesthetics of natural teeth.

You will not distinguish the difference between natural teeth and artificial teeth!

QUICK&EASY is the simplest and fastest implant procedure for carrying out rehabilitation on implants of the highest quality and precision on entire arches.

This is a technique internationally recognized as one of the most advanced. The Quick and easy technique is taught in our dental clinic to italian and foreign doctors and than collegues personally propose it in their workshops and courses all over the world.


Why the Quick and easy technique is fast and simple?

  • Because it is based on anatomical surgery that adapts to the conformation of the patient’s bone and allows the gingival tissues to heal very quickly around the implant;


  • Because it allows you to have the temporary prosthesis in your mouth 24 hours after inserting the implant. This allowe the patient to smile and chew immediately;


  • Because it no longer uses annoying alginate pastes for impressions but uses digital scanner technology, which is less annoying and allows you to immediately predict the optimal final result for your needs;

progettazione digitale implantologia carico immediato quick and easy

  • Because it allows to plan and define the dreaming smile together with the patient.

Do you want to find out more about the advantages of implant rehabilitation?

prima dopo implantologia

What do we offer you with immediate loading implantology?

  • Rapid healing times with quick restoration of chewing and aesthetics
  • The guarantee of obtaining a smile with natural aesthetics, safe and long-lasting
  • The use of the highest quality products with advanced technologies
  • Thirty years of experience recognized internationally
  • The precision of the technique and the craftsmanship of the design tailored to your needs
  • The guarantee of having a non-removable prosthesis that is simple to manage and clean
  • A cutting-edge surgical room at your disposal
  • An advanced dental laboratory in Vicenza
  • An optional anxiolytic program with conscious sedation and hypnosis
  • We schedule post-implant checks and specific professional hygiene sessions
Can immediate loading implant surgery always be carried out?
Generally, to carry out immediate loading implantology, it is necessary that preliminary radiographic investigations can predict this, even if it will only be definitively confirmed during surgery. In any case, immediate loading is influenced by various factors such as the quantity and quality of the bone, the quantity of soft tissue and the position of the implant which must immediately guarantee good primary stability.
How many dental implants can be inserted?
There is no limit to the number of dental implants.
Is the dentist who, after a careful evaluation of the patient’s oral health status, will establish the real need in order to proceed exclusively with dental implants or with this solution in combination with other aesthetic and functional restoration techniques, such as dental crowns, veneers aesthetics or composites.

How to manage the post-operative period of an implant surgery?

As after all surgical interventions, it is sufficient to observe some simple rules and advice indicated by the dentist to enjoy the operating experience in complete tranquility.
Before surgery it is necessary to follow antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy to avoid possible infections.

The therapy will continue for a few days even after the operation and in association with the intake of painkillers/anti-inflammatories as needed.
It is quite common that in a couple of days after the implant surgery some swelling may appear in the affected area.
This is a normal aspect of the healing process that can last a few days, but can be limited by applying ice at regular intervals.
The duration of discomfort and recovery times obviously vary from person to person, however, following the doctor’s instructions will allow you to reduce rehabilitation times.

What to eat after immediate loading implant surgery?

In the following 24/48 hours it is advisable to consume cold/room temperature liquid, otherwise soft foods such as cooked or blended vegetables and fruit, minced meat, boiled fish, yogurt, ice cream and puddings, soft and fresh cheeses .

It is advisable to avoid eating food:
  • spicy or too spicy

  • acids (e.g. tomatoes, citrus fruits)

  • too hard

  • with filamentous fibres

Can you smoke after implant surgery?
Abstinence from smoking, mainly cigarettes, is seriously indicated to avoid delaying the healing process or compromising the success of the operation.

How to maintain the correct cleaning of dental implants?

Just like you would manage with your own natural teeth! Therefore, the same oral hygiene advice that our hygienists give to patients every day applies:

  • brush your teeth at least 3 times a day after main meals
  • use a soft toothbrush or electric one so as not to attack the gums
  • use dental floss once a day
  • if necessary, use a pipe cleaner to clean the larger spaces between one tooth and another
  • schedule a professional hygiene session every 6 months


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