Our ethical code

YOUR MOUTH in action

The ethical code is an instrument that we decided to write in order to define the criteria which inspire the daily work of the Dentisti Vignato Clinic and which govern its actions inside and outside our office. The word ethics originates from ancient Greek èthos, meaning character, behaviours and customs.
We started from the character of our Clinic and from those values which have always characterized our job in over 50 years, that is since 1957. They have become the elements which give strength to its professionals, day after day.
Just like a mouth which, in order to chew correctly, needs its various parts to be in harmony with one another and to be carefully treated. Similarly, our study is based on specific values which make it function correctly, as if they were incisors, canines, bicuspids and molars.
We started our project from the image of our mouth: a door which expresses feelings and, at the same time, receives external emotions. The mouth represents the cornerstone of our work and the means to build confidence between doctor and patient. Tradition, passion, safety, competence, interest in art, sports and social issues: these are the principles which inspire our work and which make us smile with you.



We have identified eight keywords which express our values. Each word contains the word “action” because we believe this is the key that enables us to read the relationships inside our Dental Clinic and in the area where we operate, the city of Palladio, Vicenza. Each word becomes a microcosm of stories, in which each of us can recognize, identify and reflect itself. And come into action.
Eight words for eight inner geographies, which flood towards new borders and intersect with other people’s stories. As in our dental office, which is a place of daily gatherings. Relationships are the cornerstones of our team work and the essential values which launch the action towards health protection and wellbeing for everyone.



We like challenges and drafting an ethical code is a new challenge which we wanted to face and which we now throw to you “Our mouth is in action”. It is now your turn: open the door of the Dentisti VignatoClinic and get involved with the Vignato philosophy. Let’s look for your oral geography together: we can trace new (smiling) paths for a healthy and conscious smile.


The ethics of our work is described with eight multiform words: eight visions, evocative but simple images which leave space for imagination and sensitivity. They are built starting from small objects, essential parts and three-dimensional natural elements to explore in a personal game of sensations: it is the first step towards a collective transformation, based on trust and value of relationships.


The ethical code does not have overdoses and “its consumption” can be for a long and constant period of time. We suggest you get an orthodontic check-up every 6 months.


Texts – Chiara Spadaro
Graphics – Studio Beaker
Art director – Elisa Paiusco