Conscious sedation in children

A relaxed child will be a future patient who can approach
dentistry with an aware and serene behaviour

Conscious sedation in children: what can you use?

sedazione cosciente nel bambino

Sedation with oxygen and nitrous oxide is a very valid sedative analgesia technique. It is widely used on children who remain perfectly alert, calm and collaborative during all the treatment. Nitrous oxide is a non-toxic gas whose effect ends immediately after the mask is removed.
It is administered using a mask to reduce anxiety and stress and the gag reflex. This method makes dental care more acceptable, particularly in younger and anxious children.

If you want to learn more about the use of nitrous, read here


Doc Leo is the messy and funny helper who works together with our doctors and teaches children how to brush their teeth, who are the friends and the enemies of an healthy smile, and that they can forget the feeling of fear in the dentist room.
His tools are: sympathy, a booklet to color and read, a crown and a medal that reward courage, his balloons and colored bracelets.

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