Information in accordance with Article 13 of the European Regulation 679/2016 and consent

The current information document contains information regarding treatment of personal and sensitive data carried out by Poliambulatorio Vignato S.n.c., according to the European Regulation no.2016/679 in force.

Who we are

Our website address is:

Dr. Giuseppe Vignato is the treatment Owner to whom the person concerned can refer to in order to enforce his/her rights through the Reception of Poliambulatorio Vignato located in Contrà torretti nr.52, tel: 0444302284, fax: 0444504239, or directly at the following email address

Which data we collect and why

This site collects data necessary to navigate and implement services connected to the site in accordance with the new European Regulation 2016/679 in order to consent the subscription to the newsletter service of Vignato Dental Clinic and to benefit from the service “Request to book an appointment” prior to an email or a phone call from the Data Owner.

Data treatment is performed both with manual instruments and IT procedures in order to guarantee safety, integrity and privacy. Data implementation is necessary to follow the purposed mentioned above and data will not be communicated nor spread.

Which rights you have on your data

The user has the right to exercise the rights present in Article 7 of the European Regulation 2016/679 on the basis of the procedures and limits in the enclosed informative document. Among these, the right to obtain from the treatment Owner a confirmation of the existence of his/her personal data and their communication in intelligible format, to know procedures and reasons of treatment, to ask for data update and integration, data cancellation or transformation in anonymous format in case of law violation, and to take position against treatment. These rights can be exercised in any moment by addressing the treatment Owner in written format at the location indicated on the website.

Treatment of personal and sensitive data

Purposes– Personal data (first name, last name and email address) and possible sensitive data of the user will only be used to send periodical communications and information (newsletters) and to implement the service “Book an appointment” or “MyDentalX-Ray”, which expect the user to ask the Data Owner to contact him/her in order to fix an appointment at the Vignato Dental Clinic and/or to carry out an upload on the site of his/her X-ray exams  for a first screening, only after consent of the person involved.

Treatment procedure – Data can be treated in printed or electronic form, with access only to authorized operators, previously elected Responsible for treatment and/or one of his/her direct delegate, who have taken specific training classes and who are constantly updated on privacy regulations and sensitized on respect and protection of patient dignity and privacy.

All operators who have access to digitized data can be identified and have a personal password; data access is allowed only for purposes linked to the operator’s role and only for the time necessary to perform the treatment for which the patient has gone to Poliambulatorio Vignato.

Data preservation– Personal and sensitive data provided and/or produced by Poliambulatorio Vignato S.n.c. will be preserved for the time planned by the current Regulation, in particular: your personal data, subject to treatment for the above purposes, will be preserved for the duration of the treatment plan and, successively, for the time in which doctors are subject to preservation obligations for tax or other purposes contained in laws or regulations.

Range of communication and circulation – Personal and sensitive data will not be spread in any way, but could be transmitted to competent authorities for administrative or institutional purposes, according to what is required by the legislation in force.

Consequences of lacking treatment consent – Consent to personal and sensitive data treatment is essential in order to have access to the requested medical treatment. Without a consent, patients will not be able to benefit from the newsletter service, nor to use the services “Book an appointment” nor “MyDentalX-Ray”.
Patients have the right to modify or cancel their consent at all times by speaking to the person Responsible of Data Treatment. In such circumstances, the contractual relationship concerning the “Book an appointment” or the “MyDentalX-Ray” services, inevitably will have to end.

Among the rights recognized to you are:

  • Asking the Medical Freelance to have access to your personal data and information regarding this data; amending inaccurate dataor integrating incomplete data; cancelling personal data concerning yourself (upon the occurrence of a condition indicated in Article 17, paragraph 1 of the European Regulation and in accordance with exceptions contained in paragraph 3 of the same Article); the treatment restriction of your personal data ( (occurrence of 1 hypotheses indicated in Article 18, paragraph 1 of the European Regulation);
  • Requesting and obtaining from the Medical Freelance – in the hypotheses in which the legal basis of the treatment is represented by a contract or consent and this is carried out with mechanized means– your personal data in a structured and legible format from an automatic device, even with the purpose of providing thist data to another treatment owner (right to personal data portability);
  • Taking position against personal data treatment in any moment and in the occurrence of particular situations which regard you;
  • Cancelling consent at any time, limited to the hypotheses in which treatment is based on your consent for one or more specific purposes concerning common personal data (for example: date or place of birth or place of residence), or particular data categories (for example data which reveal you racial origin, political views, religious beliefs, health condition or sexual life). Treatment based on consent and carried out previously to the cancellation of consent, preserves its lawfulness anyways;
  • Proposing complaint towards a supervisory authority (Competition Authority for the protection of personal data–


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How we protect your data (pc protected by an antivirus/access with a password)

We use specific systems and procedures in order to protect information containing personal data. We also rely on security procedures and technical and physical restrictions to prevent access and use of personal data present in our servers. Only authorized staff has access to personal data during the implementation of the job.

Which procedure we have arranged to prevent data violation

In compliance with the European laws on personal data protection, we follow adequate procedures in order to avoid that information containing personal data is consulted without an authorization or in an inappropriate way.