Stabilometric platform

The stabilometric platform is the ideal tool for the doctor to complete the postural visit.

It measures the muscle activity of our posture, that is, our way of standing. It is like taking an X-ray of our postural alignment. In this way, we can perform tests in static phase, when we are still, or in dynamic phase, when the subject is moving.


stabilometric platform


What does the stabilometric platform analyze?

With the platform we can see in detail the distribution of body weight and can record if we place more weight on one foot than the other, if we load more on the heel or on the forefoot. The detection also provides us with the anatomical imprint of the foot allowing us to understand whether it is normal, flat, hollow or if it presents wrong lateral supports.

It is quite frequent to find differences in weight distribution between the two feet, even of some kilos. With the stabilometric platform, we can evaluate the exact placement of the center of pressure on the ground of the body and understand if it is shifted forwards, backwards, to the right or left. We consider, in fact, that displacements to the right or left are common when there are problems in the mouth, such as a crossbite.

This tool allows us to understand the work required of the muscles to maintain the balance of the body and therefore we can establish the level of muscle stress.

With the platform, performing tests with open and closed eyes allows us to visualize the effect exerted by the eye on posture, but it is also possible to control the balance of the bite used during therapy.

The examination performed with the stabilometric platform is therefore extremely useful because it allows the dentist to objectively assess the clinical visit, calibrate the work with subsequent tests, and check the results of the therapies performed.

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