Hygiene & prevention

Protecting your teeth is important from an early age.


The first example is given by our parents. They are the ones who should teach us the good habits of an oral hygiene.

The main rule for the prevention of oral pathologies is to eliminate tartar and bacterial plaque from teeth and gums, since they are the cause of gingivitis, periodontitis and dental cavities.
The aim of a professional oral hygiene is to clean teeth in spots that cannot be reached by the toothbrush.
Moreover, during the oral hygiene session in our dental Clinic, our hygienists and orthodontists are at your disposal for any specific pieces of advice on brushing techniques to do at home and on which tools to use to keep the treatment´s efficacy over time.
All of this is called prevention!

How is the DENTAL BLEACHING done in our clinic?


Prevention is the basis of a nice and healthy dentition over time. It is important to insist with children who, if educated from an early age, will acquire correct and natural habits. During this phase, the dentist has a main role in teaching children and giving pieces of advice to adults.
Also in orthodontics it is possible to prevent some anomalies linked to dental eruption, by modifying some bad habits which, if protracted over a certain age, will influence the bone growth of maxillaries.
Among these: the use of the pacifier after the age of 3, the habit of thumb sucking after the age of 2, the use of the baby bottle after the age of 5 and other habits such as biting pens and nails.
Prevention also means giving to parents the task of keeping under control the regularity of home hygiene, oral breathing, problems of phonation or swallowing, snoring, nocturnal dyspnea or the tendency to always keep lips open (labial incompetence). If present, the dentist should be informed so that he/she can proceed to correct them.