Bioactivators: for an orthodontic preventive rehabilitation treatment

Bioactivators are medical devices useful for acting on several functional levels: orthopedic-skeletal and articular (TMJ), neuromuscular, occlusal and postural.

More and more often we hear about bioactivators as useful devices for the global rebalancing of posture and correct development at an early age.

But what do they have to do with our job of orthodontists and pedodontists and why are they so useful?

If we consider that the position of mouth and head are a fundamental component in influencing the overall postural structure of the individual, it becomes clear to us that any misalignment of the mouth and head creates disharmonies and tensions in the neck muscles that have a cascading effect all over the body. A balanced mouth contributes to a healthy body.


bio-activators and imbalance

As mouth, head and body are closely connected and need to be in harmony, in the event of an imbalance between them, the orthodontist, in complementary cooperation with figures such as the pediatrician, the osteopath, the posturologist and the speech therapist, can intervene from an early age to guide the correct physiological skeletal growth of the young patient’s facial bones.

Why intervene soon?

Science shows us that intervening with orthodontics at an early age (already from 2 and a half years old) allows us to obtain the best results because:

  • it allows us to intercept skeletal defects that could worsen with growth;
  • it acts on still very elastic bone structures that respond optimally while applying light “forces”;
  • in this phase we can correctly guide the growth and development of teeth, alveoli, chewing muscles, temporomandibular joints, cheeks, lips, tongue, soft tissues, salivary glands, mandibular and maxillary bones in a minimally invasive way;
  • we can contribute to the restoration of correct nasal breathing and a correct position of the tongue during swallowing;
  • we do prevention for the future because we reduce the need for a second phase of treatment;
  • we ask the young patient for a minimum collaboration with reduced times of use of the device, associated with specific rehabilitation exercises;
  • we help young patients to eliminate oral bad habits such as finger / pacifier / lip sucking with a device that is often well tolerated.

So basically, what are bioactivators?

They are real orthodontic – orthopedic devices that act at the bone level.
Defined as “elastodontics”, they act with light and biological elastic forces to correct malocclusions, non only in very young patients, but also in growing and adult ones, for whom therapy becomes rehabilitation.
Devices are made in Italy with an elastic heat-activated material, soft and comfortable

Bioactivators have a gentle and continuous action on teeth, favoring their displacement thanks to the exploitation of the great elasticity of the material used.


When to use them

Bioactivators prove to be very useful not only in the early interceptive phase, but also in the treatment of different types of disorders such as:
malocclusions, oral breathing care, deviated swallowing and related pathologies, articular pain dependent on the TMJ (temporo-mandibular-joint), headache, neck pain, snoring and sleep apnea, tinnitus, bruxism.


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