fastidio apparecchio ortodontico, dental appliance

Orthodontic appliance: tips to relieve the discomfort

consigli per alleviare i fastidi dell'apparecchio ortodontico

On first days a new dental appliance can cause some discomfort due to the displacement of teeth and the size of the orthodontic device to which the mouth must gradually get used to.

There are some tricks that can make this “impact” with the new device more pleasant, here are our advice:

  • change your diet. Prefer soft foods, cut into small pieces
  • pay attention and concentrate the chewing on the molars which, thanks to their dimension, can bear the discomfort better than the other teeth
  • choose cold and frozen foods that can give you relief
  • avoid acidic drinks and foods that can intensify the discomfort of the small abrasions of the mucosa, which could spring due to contact with the orthodontic appliance
  • avoids sticky foods that are difficult to remove from the orthodontic brackets. Do not bite hard foods that can damage or bend parts of the appliance
  • apply the orthodontic wax (provided by the orthodontist) in the contact points that irritate the mucosa
  • choose soft toothbrushes and brush teeth gently
  • always use the toothbrush to remove all the plaque so as to avoid gingivitis and, if you prefer, also combine a fluoride mouthwash

Lastly, if you feel discomfort due to a wire that has moved or that is protruding, go to the dentist immediately to have it fixed.
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