Doc Leo

ROOOAR ROOOAR is our magic word so be part of our herd!

Hi! Give me your paw!

My name is DOC LEO and I’m friends with all kids… especially those with very white teeth!
I help Doctor Leonella and we will get you involved in some educational and fun activities which will teach you how to take care of your smile!
I founded a club called DOC LEO CLUB dedicated to all kids under 14 who are being treated in our Orthodontic Center.

With me you will see that you can have fun while being at the dental office.
We will learn how to brush our teeth well, which are the foods friends with our smile and which ones aren’t. We should not fear the dentist because he/she is our friend.  I will also give you my book to read and color and, if you are a brave puppy, you will get 2 prizes: a crown as king of the jungle and a bravery medal.

I will be waiting for you to paint on the giant blackboard together and to tell you lots of stories on my friends from the jungle!  

Watch the video of my first dental visit!