Dental fillings

Preserving our smile in the long term

Odontoiatria conservativa - Dentisti Vignato

Dental filling mainly regards the treatment of dental cavities and its aim is to preserve decayed and fractured teeth or those presenting any other damages. Its goal is to remove the decayed tissue and restore the tooth’s original shape and function

The endodontic treatment

Endodontics takes care of the “inner part of teeth” consenting the maintenance of dental elements in the mouth which would otherwise be extracted.
After the necessary X-rays which highlight the real conditions of the tooth, the endodontic treatment removes the infected dental pulp and the disinfection of the inner cavity.
Once the disinfection is complete, the orthodontist proceeds with the sealing through biomaterials and then with the temporary or definite restoration of the stimulated chewing area.
At the end of the treatment, he proceeds with an X-ray in order to verify the final sealing of the inner part of the tooth. In order to avoid a dental fracture, it is often necessary to act a total (crown) or partial (inlay) prosthetic restoration.

Gingival recession or receding gums

Some patients present a consistent gingival recession in the teeth cervical area. The main causes are: wrong dental brushing, lack of oral hygiene and periodontitis. The consequences are: dentin hypersensitivity and deterioration of the general aesthetic aspect of the face. Gingival recession changes the proportion between the tooth and the gum, especially at incisor, canine and bicuspid level. It is therefore necessary to reconstruct the damaged part of the tooth with a composite material. At this point, micro surgery is needed to graft the connective tissue which reconstructs the gum and covers the dental root, thus protecting sensitive teeth.