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Snoring and sleep disorders – a solution

Leonella Caliari esperta in patologie del sonno, expert on sleep disorders,



Sleeping well
makes your life longer….








It is more and more frequent to receive complaints from people who are not able to sleep well because their partner snores. Snoring, which is particularly frequent among men and overweight people, can also affect women facing menopause and usually worsens with time.
This “problem” can be a sign of respiratory obstructions, which should not be underestimated and which often cause many dangerous mechanisms for our body. This is because, when we snore, the physiological rhythm of our sleep is disturbed and we are not able to rest correctly.

This is why snoring is often associated with sleepiness, diurnal fatigue, sudden-onset sleep, but with also hypertension, nocturia (need to urinate often during the night). As a result, there can be a reduced performance at work and a greater risk while driving.


Snoring can also be the sign of a more severe problem, known as Obstruction Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS), characterized by several breathing interruptions which can last longer than 10 seconds each, causing a decrease in oxygen quantity which reaches the brain.
Sleep apnoea, if ignored, can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes and many other medical problems.
This problem does not only involve adults, but kids as well, especially those suffering from tonsil and adenoid hypertrophy.

The solution for sleep disorders can arrive from Orthodontics…

Luckily, nowadays medicine combined with orthodontics enables us to find a solution.
After a few surveys, it is possible to find out if, by placing a device in the mouth during the night, we are able to solve this problem.
It is possible to make progress even with kids. Pediatricians or nose and throat specialists can prescribe specific therapies to be combined with simple orthodontic measures.

Due to the diffusion and importance of the pathology treatment, our dental office has an expert on sleep disorders who is always available for patients or whoever is suffering from the main symptoms of OSAS, such as night snoring, continuous diurnal sleepiness, extreme fatigue and energy loss, depression or nervousness, difficulties in focusing, morning headache.

If you have any doubts feel free to call our front desk, or come to our dental office, and we will evaluate together the problem entity through an interceptive check-up.