Conscious sedation & Hypnosis

A unique anxiolytic path, as unique is every patient

Taking care of your teeth is our reason to help you re-establish a new and more harmonious relationship with your oral world, a universe of emotions to live.

For patients who need help to face medical treatments, our clinic offers two different anxiolytic path: conscious sedation and hypnosis, that can also be integrated.

Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is a relational and pharmacological technique to help anxious patients face therapy with a relaxed state of mind.
When we use anxiolysis, the patient is awake and in constant contact with the dentist who inspires (suggests) positive images to increase self-confidence and trust in others.

Hypnosis or the power of language

Hypnosis expresses one of the most powerful characteristics of the human language, meaning the chance for each person to access his/her emotional world.  Living in serenity with emotions means an increased state of relaxation and a self awareness.

Hypnosis, when purified from popular beliefs and freed from the show business, represents an opportunity to improve the doctor-patient relationship and make the orthodontic and surgical treatment more pleasant and more simple. It also increases the chances of interacting and positively leading the relationship in any situation.

Through communication and techniques of hypnotic induction, the orthodontist has a flexible and efficient tool to dialog with the patient’s emotional world, meaning the real origin of the irrational fear of the dentist.