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Implantology – our excellence for your smile

Scegliere l'implantologia per tornare a sorridere

With implantology our challenge is to give back to edentulous patients a “natural” fixed dentition on implants

Why choose rehabilitation on implants?

  • Because with implants you can go back to smiling spontaneously with your own teeth! The result is the safety of a fixed smile on implants which are basically equal to natural teeth


  • Thanks to our long experience and the research level reached by modern implantology, we are able to perform with high standards of safety for the patient, reaching long lasting and stable aesthetic and functional results


  • Because in cases of total prosthesis on implants or of a single tooth on implants, there are clear advantages in aesthetic terms, as well as psychological and functional ones. Thanks to implantology the patient is able to keep the correct facial shape and keep natural teeth healthy


  • Another reason is that before each surgery we carefully check your general medical history, as well as the local one involving bones and gums


  • Because we plan the implant in a “homemade” way, with avantgarde equipment and in cooperation with our partner, the dental technologist


  • We use safe and high-quality materials and implants, produced by leader companies of the sector and selected by the implantologist especially for your specific case, with a passport which guarantees the work done worldwide.


  • Because we plan regular post implant check-ups and specific oral hygiene sessions during which we teach the correct hygiene procedure to carry out at home


  • With implantology you will be able to have back the smile you used to have!

Today Implantology is the best way to replace missing dental elements in most adults of all ages. It’s advantage is avoiding inconveniences due to the use of mobile prosthesis (dentures and removable prosthesis), protecting the health of natural healthy teeth (shaped and reduced in cases of bridges) and guaranteeing a complete stability.