centro ortodontico vicentino

An orthodontic center for the whole family

Centro Ortodontico Vicentino
To complete the services of Dentisti Vignato Dental Office, we offer our patients an advanced center completely dedicated to Orthodontics for children and adults and to dentistry for children and teenagers under the age of 18.
Our center is based on the most modern concepts of environmental architecture in order to create a welcoming and comfortable place to make our patients feel at home, reducing the negative impact of a strict medical environment.

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orthodontics for children and adults

A dentist for children

Our kids dentist has a very special and important role in our orthodontic center because, according to the relationship established with the kids, we can determine the way of them being patients for the rest of their lives.

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Dentisti for children - Dentisti vignato

We have a plus! DOC LEO…

DOC LEO, a funny purple lioness which helps us in the dialogue with kids and teenagers under 14 …

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doc leo