dental hygiene in children

Dental hygiene in children: short guide

dental hygiene in children

Let’s talk about the dental hygiene in children.
With its third free guide, the Centro Ortodontico Vicentino focuses on the smile of patients from zero to three years.

Up to 3 years is essential that parents work to lay the foundations for the child to become familiar with some good dental hygiene habits and with the first tools. This will gradually create the awareness of having gums and teeth to take care of.

By publishing this guide we try to answer many questions that parents asked us during these years of dental coaching and we hope that it will be helpful. We have included also some tips to approach children to the first dental visit in a playful and relaxed way.

Because as we always say: a serene little patient will be an adult patient aware, with a healthy smile. Prevention and dental hygiene are the basis of this path.

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And if instead of dental hygiene in children, your doubts concern the use of the pacifier, ask for the dedicated guide here. None of these problems? Rather, you don’t know how to manage the habit of finger sucking? Here is the article for you!

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