postural patch

The postural patch that uses light as therapy

postural patch

When we talk about the postural patch we refer to a small nanotechnology device that combines, light therapy and acupuncture.

It contains nanocrystals that convert heat from the body into light. This light is sent into specific acupuncture points on the body, which helps it “remember” how to naturally communicate with the rest of the body. This leads to lots of health benefits, from better balance and posture to better sleep, focus, athletic performance, pain relief and more.

Wearing this patch allows to maintain postural balance in the long term. It integrates with orthodontic treatments performed with fixed or removable appliances, or with bioactivators, and with gnathological devices such as the bite.

postural patch atm

The power of light

Scientific evidence confirms that the exposure of a body to light energy is healthy for the organism.

The light allows to reduce stress and the response of the endocrine system, by regulating hormonal and biological rhythms. It positively affects joint mobility, metabolism and regulates the sleep-wake rhythm.
The light also allows to stimulate the production of vitamin D that is essential for human health, for the calcification of bones, growth, immune defenses, the prevention of chronic, degenerative and neurological diseases.

Light is an indispensable source of nourishment and regulation of all our biorhythms, and it can be used in various ways for therapeutic purposes.

Advantages in using the postural patch
  • improves the ability of our body to release neurotransmitters that counterbalance stress
  • reminds the central nervous system to use the natural alpha, beta and gamma waves, that make the brain more focused and stress-free.
  • improves the movement of the body by helping the recovery of joint functions
  • reduces pain caused by incorrect postural patterns
  • improves incorrect postural patterns, favoring an energy recovery that the body can use to increase overall well-being
  • optimizes physical and biological performances, improving proprioception, which is fundamental in the mechanism that controls movements in the space.
How does il work?
The heat from your body is converted into light of specific therapeutic frequencies, which are similar to the frequencies of photons your nervous system uses to communicate with the rest of your body.
The postural devices can: 

• improve the postural balance
• rebalance the TMJ muscular system and the connected muscle chains
• make every movement more fluid
• relax the contracted parts of the body and be more flexible
• reduce pain due to incorrect posture, tension and contractures
• symmetrize the shoulders, the pelvis, the differences in length of the lower limbs and to preserve the results over time
• balance the main receptors such as eyes, temporomandibular joint, the oculo-cervico-vestibular communication and the podalic receptor… and the communication between them.

postural patch balance

How should it be used?

The postural patch can be easily applied on the skin, with the help of a plaster tape, in specific points of the body, which are detected with specific postural tests. It can be removed and reapplied to other parts of the body, it is water and impact resistant and it is washable. It can be worn 24 hours a day during all day activities, work, sport activities and also during rest and recovery.

use of the postural patch

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