7 may 2024 - the dental open day for children and teenagers

Dental Open day for children and teenagers

7 may 2024 - the dental open day for children and teenagers

The open day dedicated to young smiles is e great oportunity!

Have you ever wondered how your child’s mouth is growing or if he might need braces?
If you never miss pediatric checks, you can consider that also the mouth needs a dedicated screening!

We are waiting for you on May, 7th for the DENTAL OPEN DAY. We’ll evaluate, without obligation, the state of health and development of the mouths of children and teenagers.

Our Orthodontic Center reserves a special day for children and teenagers, sons and grandchildren of our patients, to introduce them to the figure of the dentist, to promote mouth prevention and to make a first orthodontic evaluation.


A no-obligation visit of about 30 minutes will allow children to approach the world of dentistry in a playful and funny way, or to refresh some hygiene and prevention knowledge, thanks to the expertise of our children’s doctor Pamela Parolin.
The check will also be useful for teenagers, to evaluate the presence of cavities, erosions or dental stains, problems related to frenulum or the the gums.

During the visit you will also meet Dr. Leonella Caliari, the director of the clinic and our specialist in orthodontics. She will provide you important information about the growth status of your child’s mouth and any need for a more in-depth orthodontic analysis. 

Call the secretary for more information or to book the visit.