invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics to rediscover the smile as grown-ups

With invisible orthodontics this is possible…

A smile ruined by crowded, crooked teeth or with a malocclusion that prevents us from smiling freely.

Those who find themselves in this situation know the embarrassment in showing their smile is strong, it creates unnaturalness and sometimes limits social relations.
Maybe there was a hesitation for a long time. Or we had to wait before evaluating a solution to the problem and we found ourselves adults thinking that we had to face the discomfort as a child because now it is too late.

Nothing more wrong!

Even as grown-ups, with invisible orthodontics it is possible to have the smile of your dreams to feel good and at ease with others.

Invisible orthodontics helps us with this. Its transparent and removable masks are practical, non intrusive and basically invisible to others, who do not notice when you are wearing them. And then the discomfort due to the contact of the mucous membranes with the braces of traditional appliances is practically forgotten. Even the complexity of hygiene operations at the end of meals is avoided because they can be removed while eating! The treatment is not only optimal for adult patients, but also for young ones and teenagers for whom the psychological obstacle of the device is often a problem. The many advantages of the treatment with transparent aligners has made us choose this orthodontic solution for our patients.

Indeed, the Centro Ortodontico Vicentino has been proposing this solution for years. Thanks to the ten-year experience of Doctor Leonella Caliari – specialist in Orthodontics – we are able to treat even the most complex cases, like the one of the satisfied patient who left us her experience!

Watch the video (in Italian) and for more information on the treatment with invisible orthodontics read the dedicated page  or  contact our secretary office.