ortodonzia per adulti

Orthodontics for adults

It’s never late for a good smile!

Nowadays more and more adult patients undergo orthodontic treatments to obtain the beautiful and healthy smile they have always dreamed of.  The quality of life has improved, as well as the one of social relationships and self-esteem. Those who have done an orthodontic treatment as adults, would recommend it.

It is important to dispel the fake myth which considers orthodontics suitable only for kids and teenagers, as most orthodontic therapies in adults are as successful as the ones on younger patients and can obtain great results.

However, we should consider that, in kids we intervene when the skeletal growth is ongoing, while for adults we can only act on dental movements, which request more time to stabilize. At the end of the treatment it is important to use an orthodontic contention in order to maintain results in time.

Feeling uncomfortable when wearing an appliance?

It can sometimes happen that an adult patient is not encouraged to start an orthodontic treatment because the idea of wearing braces does not make him/her feel at ease. Of course, it can inhibit social relationships, in addition to having to face pain concerning tongue, mucous membranes and language alterations.

We can solve the problem with invisible orthodontics which involves less invasive and transparent devices, or those positioned lingually which interfere moderately with our normal social life.