SMILE SUPER WHITE! The tooth bleaching promotion is back

From November the 4th to December the 2nd 2019, ask the reception how to access the promotion dedicated to the professional Dental Whitening.

We will evaluate your eligibility to bleach your smile by offering you a complete X-ray examination. If the professional bleaching will be possible, the package will include: VISIT + HYGIENE + WHITENING + HYGIENE KIT


What to do before performing a professional whitening treatment.

It is necessary to book a visit to check if there are the ideal conditions to carry out the whitening treatment, moreover it is important to remove the tartar and the bacterial patina with one or more oral hygiene sessions.

How long does it take to complete the whitening treatment?
The complete professional treatment last 60-70 minutes.

Bleaching results
The result is not always guaranteed, nor the same for all patients because teeth and stains are different.

Precautions to follow after the bleaching
We suggest you do not take any extremely aggressive foods nor drinks for the first 48 hours. Things like tea, red wine, licorice, citrus fruits and vinegar can alter the enamel´s color.
It is better not to smoke.

What must be done to maintain the results over time?
Carry out an accurate domestic oral hygiene with regular professional oral hygiene sessions.
We remind that the use of a whitening toothpaste improves the whitening effect of the therapy over time.

No side effects related to tooth whitening had been observed.

If you like the idea, gift vouchers are available for the whitening treatment. Ask the Aesthetic check in reception!!

Do you need more info? See how we perform the professional bleaching!