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quick&easy dental school

Welcome to the Quick & Easy Dental School

Thanks to the great experience gained working many years in the fields of implantology and dental prosthetics, we have created a professional dental school.
Through theoretical and practical courses, we teach specific procedures to learn the dental rehabilitation with PRAMA system from the single tooth to the full arch rehabilitation, by using PRAMA: one of the best implants for the high quality and the precision of results.

Because it is a system with very high performances and versatility. Prama implant is designed to enable e reliable and precise osseointegration process and allows the reconstruction of soft tissues in a natural way.

The courses

The Quick & Easy courses, available on multiple levels, allow you to learn the procedure developed over years of medical practice quickly and easily. Starting from the collection and analysis of clinical data, we will arrive at the resolution of some real cases leading to the design of the definitive prosthesis. 

Who QUICK? it is fast because Prama means ANATOMIC SURGERY which adapts to the conformation of the bone crest. Furthermore, thanks to the RAMP EFFECT, the soft tissues heal very quickly around the neck of the implant.

Why EASY? Simple, because Prama does not use MUA (Multi Unit Abutment), but only the straight Abutment LMTD without shoulders or a milled titanium bar that supports the final product.[/text_output][text_output]

But that’s not all…

To make the most of all the potential of the network connected to Quick & Easy World you can enter the chat dedicated to Prama on Tour to always be updated on news, new courses and discuss with me and colleagues who already use this procedure successfully.


The Quick & Easy courses:


  • PRAMA ON TOUR basic course: it is a one-day course that can be followed in Italy, Europe and outside the EU. It explains the basic notions and fundamentals for the correct use of the Prama system in daily practice.


  • Quick & Easy procedure FULL ARCH course: it is a two-day course that explains how to reconstruct a complete prosthesis on Prama implants screwed without using MUA.

Course Full arch on Prama implants

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  • Digital LAB course: it is a two-day course, designed specifically for dental technicians and dedicated to rehabilitation on a Prama implant from a single tooth, to a bridge, up to Quick&Easy full arch rehabilitation.


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